top-list Terry Gilliam shares his top 10 lessons for directors.....

I loved the article, sound basic ideas for anyone who wants to direct from one of the greats.

Two things he offered is that I connected w/ #1 Growing up is for losers which, hey I'm there #2 Directing is for those who are not sane. Never new being a childish loon would be an asset !

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Very good read! Gilliam is almost always as fun to read as he is to watch.

"Lost in La Mancha" is one of the most heartbreaking films I've ever seen. Just to see all he went through, all the people dropping the ball, all the issues out of anyone's control. Then the snippets of what could have been...

I'm all for not growing up :-D
Thanks for posting. We re-watched Time Bandits not too long ago. Gilliam is tha bomb! The Fisher King is one of my faves. Hell, just about everything he's done is inspired. Awesome.
Yeah, Time Bandits is one of my favorite movies of all time. He's not lost it either, though I thought for a while that he might have - but Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was flippin' ace too. Go Gilliam!
I love the second one: "Film school is for fools." I actually think I learned a lot in film school, but I learned more working on sets and watching great movies. And some great directors did go to film school, but a lot of them didn't.
My favorite tip is -> 8. Surround yourself with improvisers.
I found this to be HUGE in an indie movie where things change unexpectedly.
It's like -> "We'll Bob, we lost the commercial airport location, so now you're a yaht captain not a airplane pilot. Oh and we only have two hours to shoot this and then we lose daylight and can't ever come back. Here's the scene I wrote on the car ride here..." You want Bob to be flexible. 8-)