directing Tell me what works?

Hello, this is a short film I made.
I am wondering if anyone would pick this apart and tell me what works and what I could do more of in the future? I want to teach other people how to get equal results?
I want to know what I did right, so I can have more consistant results, as well as help people get to the same level I am...
I'm asking for observations and perhaps analysis on what works?
Why is it converted to 4:3 aspect ratio? Was that an artistic choice?

I didn't really enjoy the way it warped the footage, it made the shots hard to follow.

This footage is not something I would consider using to teach cinematography. But it works as an abstract art piece. There were some interesting shots in the beginning. I felt it got somewhat "normalized" by showing the actor, person on screen. I think overall, if you cut out all the parts with the actor and left the artsy bits, it would have a more interesting rhythm to it.
Yes, I agree.
Beginning was interesting, had some "vibes". The story was unclear and not interesting, but video and audio were somewhat interesting. The beginning was better.