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screenplay Telephone call in a script

Sometimes you can see in movies that somebody is on the phone with someone and you can't hear the one talking in the receiver (there is silence when they talk). I want to do it in my script, but I couldn't find how to formt it and I came up with something like this, idk if it's okay:


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I recently had the same issue, and googled "screenplay format phone conversation." -- lots of stuff, like this:

My first instinct was something like this:

Yea I know. electricity
(pause, listens)
Oh you're the water one.

But the guy in the link doesn't like this. Maybe just eliipses

Yea I know. electricity...Oh your'e the water one...

Or maybe a mix of the two, with just one first parenthetical. Either way, the point, I think, is to just make it like regular dialogue. The "*the caller talks"* line is almost certainly not correct, using up, as the guy says, "valuable real estate."

My problem was with a two-sided phone conversation, and the answer is to establish the first scene, with a scene heading. Talk. Then the second scene heading. Talk. then type, in caps to the left, INTERCUT, and just go back and forth.

There is, I think, an elegant solution to these little formatting questions, usually following established conventions, so that you sound professional. You'll get there :)
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