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link Talking About Music for Directors

Good morning everyone! I am new here and am really looking forward to making some new connections and seeing all the projects you're working on.

I'm also hoping to provide some resources such as this:

Recently I have been working with a couple directors who told me they find navigating discussions with composers and musicians challenging sometimes and found the conversations we had in our meetings very valuable in helping them understand how to get their vision across to a composer. Because of that experience I have decided to create a short video series How To Talk About Music for Directors. To learn more about the challenges directors are facing I created a short survey asking about their experiences and what they want to learn more about. I would deeply appreciate if you took the survey and sent it around to anyone you feel would find it valuable!

Once the video series is live I will let you all know on this thread! You can also sign up at the bottom of the survey to be notified when it launches.