SUPEZ' Kickstarter

Hey gang, like we posted before and seeing a few of the success stories here on indietalk we're trying our hand at kickstarting the post production for our web series SUPEZ: BOOM OF YOUTH. You can check out the link here and here

We have just 18 DAYS to raise $5,500 to finish our web series for the summer. We need the money to finish the visual effects, sound editing, music, mixing, ADR, editing and color correcting.

Let's see what we can do! Check it out!
We're at $307 out of $5,500. 5% of our proposed budget!! Let's see if we can make our goal.

Next week we'll be releasing the first 6 minutes of the film online to see if we can peak more interest. Does anyone else have any suggestions for us? We're trying all of the social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, forums, etc. We're getting alot of high fives, good jobs and good lucks but not very many donations.

Check out our web site: and our kickstarter page:

Feedback is very much appreciated as well as donations :)

Just a thought on the text of your kickstarterpage.
Rewriting it could help a bit.

It's too much about you and how you came up with the idea before you tell the reader what the idea is. (You put background info first.)
The first part should be about the project, why it's cool and what's in it for the backers.

(As I read it, it's not about normal people in an extraordinary situation, but more about extraordinay people in a normal situation forced to face their responsibilities? Nice starting point.)