series Stephen King Confirms ‘The Outsider’ Season 2: Scripts Are ‘Really Great and Spooky’


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Fans of HBO’s crime-horror series “The Outsider” have been waiting for months for the network to announce a Season 2 renewal, which is why Stephen King has great news: scripts for a second season of “The Outsider” have already been written. From the way King talks in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, it sounds as if HBO is definitely moving forward with “The Outsider” Season 2. The series is developed by Richard Price based on King’s 2018 novel of the same name.

Both HBO’s “The Outsider” and Audience network’s King adaptation “Mr. Mercedes” feature the character of Holly Gibney, played by Oscar nominee Cynthia Erivo in the former and Justine Lupe in the latter. When asked which actress played the better Holly, King noted Lupe had the unfair advantage because “Mr. Mercedes” ran for three seasons. King added “Cynthia may get that time, because there’s going to be a second season of ‘The Outsider’ as soon as they can get the production going.”

Pressed to reveal more about “The Outsider” Season 2, King continued, “I know exactly where it’s going because I have seen some of the scripts. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. I’ll just say that it’s really great and a real spooky paranormal element.”

The first season of “The Outsider” used up all of the events of King’s novel, which means the second season will be moving into uncharted territory. It seems King is comfortable with what Price’s “Outsider” creative team has come up with to extend the story beyond his novel. Price wrote the majority of the show’s first season along with “Gone Baby Gone” crime novelist Dennis Lehane. Directors for Season 1 included Jason Bateman, Karyn Kusama, and J.D. Dillard.

“The Outsider” premiered in January and became a word-of-mouth hit for HBO across its 10-episode run, earning over one million viewers in real time for its final two episodes. The finale earned 2.2 million viewers across all platforms, a 90 percent jump from its premiere. The series stars Erivo opposite Bateman, Ben Mendelsohn, Bill Camp, Julianne Nicholson, Mare Winningham, and Paddy Considine, among others. Price and the cast have expressed interest in returning.

“I know that they’re talking about it and Richard Price is playing with some ideas and taking some first steps as to what that second year might feel like,” Bateman told Collider earlier this year. “Obviously, it’s a complete free-ball because the first season exhausted 100% of [Stephen King’s] book, the IP. So, it’s really all up to him. I never like to step on the lawn of the writers.”

The first season of “The Outsider” is now streaming on HBO Now.