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Sound, London - amateur but critical

I am a great believer that sound is 50% of the movie. How many times I have seen an amateur or even professional movie tarnished by badly recorded sound, poor sound mixing or even bad sound editing. The first production I ever worked on was destroyed by badly recorded sound.

On the contrary, a tremendously strong sound engineer, recordist or mixer enhances a project, giving wonderful colour, depth, realism and bite to any film. The Hurt Locker, The Lord of The Rings, Gladiator, The Last of the Mohicans - these are all Oscar winning movies where the amazing skills of the sound recordists and engineers elevated and powered the stories to a completely different level.

We are a pair of amateur collaborators who will shoot a series of shorts in 2011 and 2012 followed by a feature in 2013. THe idea is we are relatively inexperienced but are building up skills and equipment through shooting shorts until we will have the ability to shoot and potentially market (if it is good enough) a 2013 feature. We have two advantages in that firstly, I am ferociously organised. Secondly we have a feature story which is good. The reason we can be confident the 'feature' story is good is that we went a long way with a multi-Oscar winning production company which eventually went with one of the world's most recognisable screenplays ahead of ours.

However, we believe they would not have wasted a year's worth of meetings and re-writes if they had not felt there was strong potential in our story and the CEO recently sent me a bottle of whiskey (a d@mn good one at that) and a note to stay in touch.

In order to make this happen we need another amateur as in love with sound the way we are in love with an image and a story. This does not mean someone experienced as we are 30-something year olds who are developing our skills, shooting purely at weekends or occasionally evenings. However, it does mean someone who wants to join us on this journey, developing skills, having fun and maybe, just maybe, if we are all good enough - making something genuinely worth seeing.

If you are this person, please let me know. PM me or reply to this and let's meet up. We need you to make this happen and I'd love to sit down over a coffee so we can find out if we can all make this happen together.


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Hello, my name is Brad Thompson, and I am a sound designer an editor student from the United States. If you're interested please visit my portfolio at bradthompson.posterous.com. You can also email and contact me from there.

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Still looking? PM me, maybe we could meet for a pint and have a chat about what you are doing and how I can help.
Whereabouts in London are you? Was it North? we should be pretty close.

I don't know if you have allready found someone to help with your sound but I would be interested. I am a Composer and sound editor/recordist looking to get a bit more experience so would seem to fit in pretty well with what you need/want.

My website is http://www.cameronmusic.co.uk

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.