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Sound for documentary style horror film

I've heard different things about this. Some youtube videos say its okay to use your cameras mic as long as the subject isnt more than a few feet away. Others have told me, though that I need to use a sound guy. Since this is documentary/Blair With style, a sound guy isn't practical. If I buy an external mic that attaches to the camera (Sony FDR-AX53), do you all think that will be good enough for most scenes, as long as the characters are within a few feet of the camera? Thank you for any feedback.
When in doubt ADR.

It sounds bad on paper, but there were long periods of time where directors would simply film with no sound and then get another actor to do the voice in post. It eliminates sampling problems at least. Italian directors in the 70s and 80s would do this a lot. They had certain actors in mind visually, but they had thick accents. It's a dead give away that the movie is from that time period.

I have seen some bad examples. I was watching the final episode of the Twilight Zone and there were two different voices for the actress. One for the inside on a sound stage and the other for the outside.

That isn't to say that ADR couldn't improve a movie like Birdemic.
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