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Sound Design Tips

I've been wanting to get into creating and designing sounds for films, and overall understand the process. Could anyone tell me the kind of software professionals and those who can't afford alot use? Or material I can review, videos, books, doc. etc.
Any DAW will work when learning the basics, although there are a few tools that are very nice to have, such as reverbs, pitch & stretch, and various EQs and filters.

The first chores are setting up and adhering to organizational systems, honing your editing skills and improving your listening abilities. You need to enlarge your knowledge base - a process that never stops. There is also adopting the proper mind-set.

This thread may be of interest:


… and numerous other threads by AcousticAl and myself.

Oh, yeah, check out filmsound.org - lots of good foundation articles, interviews, glossaries, etc.