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Some Pre-written Music Available (Free) for Films

Hey everyone,

Long story short, I have a few pieces of music that I wrote for films that never ended up getting used (films fall through etc.), so I thought I may as well see if others have use for them.

Basically what I'm offering is precomposed themes and orchestrations, as I can modify things to fit your project better.
So take a listen, and if you think a track would fit your movie, I can work with you to adjust or expand on it to fit your final picture!


Here's a 9 minute suite of music from a thriller/romance film I worked on:

There's was actually about and hour and a half of material written for this one, so it could quickly accommodate a longer film.


A short piece that was originally for a racing film:


I wrote this based on a description of a sad love story:

These will be available free of charge, I just ask for the appropriate credit :)
If you're interested in any of them, feel free to PM me or email me at cole.mcleod.composer@gmail.com
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