Soderbergh Retires

Director Stephen Soderbergh has said his next film Side Effects will be his last.

Guardian Film article

I'm half way through the rather plodding and disparate CHE. But DID enjoy Sex Lies and Video Tape. Out Of Sight I thought was excellent. Oceans 11,12,13 are all good popcorn movies.

So... Good riddance or tragic loss, under rated or over rated (is anyone just 'Rated' these days)

What's worth watching and whats worth avoiding?
This is about his third supposed retirement. Yet his output has never been higher.

I'll believe it when he stops directing three movies a year.
Heh, I'm with Nick. Remember when Sean Penn announced his retirement from acting? I think it was about 20 movies ago or so.

As for Soderbergh, if he really does stop making films, I for one will miss him. One of very few directors actually making films that target adult audiences. A dying breed.