...so, about my mac....


...I just want to make this mac go to fullscreen!

This is my new G4 and being the pc user that I am, I am trying to get used to the Macintosh version of computers. I am trying to make my window go to fullscreen. I feel dumb asking about this, and I have yet to get the hang of the help text bar.

...my windows only go to half the screen even when I hit the max button. Anyone on here who can quickly advise me on how to just make the window fullscreen? (the manual, quite skinny it is, does not address this)

I can figure out Final Cut Pro, but I can't make this computer go to fullscreen. I must be crazy...

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it's not quite that wireless...but every starbucks and panera have wireless free net access. Several other restaurants do as well, old chicago in my town does in the bar. this runs through the same wireless networking that the airport base station would connect with. Many hotels offer free internet as well...just make sure you check your hotels for that option before you book in them...more than likely the one across the street does if they don't. Many free e-mail services, but I would assume that you have a decent network connection with as much time as you spend here.

I have my apple certifications and am a network admin for my day job...I can probably talk you through wirelessing your house and connecting from other locations.
if I get the base station, just how far away from home can I be to use the wireless net connection?...
I think about 50ft on average (but many factors may make that number much smaller - router, walls, etc).

every starbucks and panera have wireless free net access
Starbucks does not have free wireless internet access. You have to have an account with T-mobile (you must log in to use it). I don't know about Panera.

this runs through the same wireless networking that the airport base station would connect with
I don't know what confuses people about wireless internet/networking. It is a standard just like firewire. Sony calls it iLink, Apple calls it FireWire, geeks call it IEEE-1394. It's the same thing. With wireless, you have 802.11b and 802.11g standards. 802.11g is newer, faster (54Mbps vs 11Mbps) and backwards compatible with 802.11b. Airport [Exteme] is the same thing as 802.11g. Just about every wireless router is 802.11g or 802.11b (if older).
While we are talking about wireless, I may as well bring up a little problem of mine. I have a wireless apple keyboard and a belkin bluetooth usb adapter. I have an eMac so the adapter runs on the bluetooth software built in my mac. I've read around and tried everything but I can't for the life of me find out why my connection doesn't work sometimes when I start up my computer.

I switch my keyboard on and when I start to type my password, i press a key once and it trails on like 'kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' and i can't stop it. I end up switching my keyboard off and on about 4 times every time I get on my computer before it works correctly. Anyone know what to do?
try deleting the current bluetooth setup and recreate it. This is in the bluetooth panel of the system preferences under the apple menu.

If this doesn't fix it, try replacing all of the batteries in the keyboard.
...new problem...

I don't seem to be able to get my internal modem to connect to the internet. I get as far as the phone picking up and dialing but it never just puts me on the internet. My wireless, though I am not a big fan of the iffy usage possibilities, the wireless does work, but I can't seem to get my modem to cooperate.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I'll assume that you have an internet service provider...if not that's your problem...verify on a normal phone that the phone number you're dialling answers with a modem "REEeeEEEeeEEEEeeEE" sound. We'll continue after you've done this and given me the results...
...I do have a ISP, as a matter of fact, I have two. As it turns out there are some ISP's who are 'disaffiliating' themselves with Macintosh, don't ask me why, this is what they were telling me when I was trying to find a provider for my G4, so I am online with Yahoo.

...anyway, my computer only seems to get a dial tone and never gets that loud connecting to the modem noise...

...I am also, on my pc, online with MSN. I am trying to connect to Yahoo on the same line. Maybe that is the problem. :huh: Give me something to try...I am trying to put together a website (ha!) and I want to do it through my G4, but the problem is getting online with it.

...if it takes a little while to get a response from me, it is because I am going to have to be disconnecting my pc and getting off line here, and attempting your suggestions with my mac plugged in...(sigh)...cru-ell technology, why do you mock me?:D

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I haven't tried it yet. iMovie HD will work though. That comes with iLife. or, from apple's FCP5 website:

Do I need a Power Mac G5 to edit HD?
No. You can edit HD on any Power Mac G4 with a 1GHz or faster processor and at least 1GB of RAM.
...new concern....

I need a word processor on my mac. Right now I am away from home and not able to spend alot of time looking for stuff, so in the interest of time and my being impatient sometimes...

...is there a word processor on this thing or do I have to buy word for macintosh to have a processor. I will be looking around my computer as soon as I have a free moment at work...

...also, can anyone recommend a media player for mac that they like? I assume I can get good versions of quicktime (already on computer) what about some others. Media player on my pc is pretty good...

...and thanks for all the advice so far, not that I won't be pestering you about this thing in the future...

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If you just need to put words on a page:
Click on your desktop to bring the Finder to the front
Open a new Finder window from the File Menu
Click on the Applications Icon on the left of the window
Look for TextEdit

For Scripting Stuff, our group has started using Celtx and really like it

For Office kinda word processing, There are freeware options out there, but they tend to be slightly more involved to get running. The Apple options (not free) are Appleworks (older) and Pages (newer). I have and use both. Or you could shell out the $$$ and get MS Office for the Mac.

Or Text Wrangler just a text editor, not a word processor per se.
...since I have found a place to put any writing I might do, here is another question:

When I got the mac there was a trial of windows for mac and I put some of my pc information into the trial. Since the trial has lapsed, where do I go to find all of my stuff? Can I transfer it into text edit? Can I make textedit behave like regular 'files'. Are my files even retainable? I kind of assume they are, they are somewhere in my mac, I think I just don't know where to find them...

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...yes, I have iWork. I will see what it will do, it is asking for a serial number or for me to buy the program. I think all I need is the serial number for my mac, so I will take a look at it the first chance I get.

...I'll let you know what happens....

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...New question....

I need to make a copy of a DVD, some work samples I have, every time I put it in the drive, it activates the DVD player which takes up the whole screen and I can't get the screen to minimize unless I take the DVD out, but I can't burn the DVD unless its in the drive:)

...I could use a quick answer if anyone has one, I need this work sample to take to someone today (I just found out about a possible opportunity). I need to leave in a few hours.... any advice!?!

...btw: I know I need the Mac for dummies book, but right now all my extra money is going into my gas tank, (I hate communting sometimes:D )...

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...ooops! Actually, I was doing this right however, now that I have burned and finished the DVD, it will not play in my player. Since I am sure I probably failed to do some step or another, any suggestions on why the DVD will not play??? ....and it is making a strange 'buzzing' noise as I am attempting to burn another DVD to see if maybe I did something wrong....

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command-zero will windowize the dvd window (command is the apple key next to the space key).

or cmd-q to quit the dvd player.

The buzzing I'd have to trouble shoot with you.