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website Site Annoucement - ContentHub.co - Easily and professionally promote your content


Let me start off by letting you know I am a Software Developer. A friend and I developed a website contenthub.co to help film and television content creators in the Middle East and North Africa market their content. I am reaching out to this community because we think this tool might be useful to other Filmmakers as well.

The problem we saw is that many filmmakers and t.v. content producers had a hard time sharing their promotional material with their clients. Many resorted to either delivering USB drives or sending out links to Dropbox folders with the material they wanted to share.

Our website is pretty simple, it allows you to easily create a promotional page for your content and attach any media you would like to it as well. From there you can send out secure links to your promotions to any interested parties. You can find a demo of the site and a walkthrough for setting up an account here:

I hope this community finds our website useful and interesting. If any one has any comments or suggestions I would love to hear them as well.