Simple adapter vs Focal Reducer - worth the extra $?

Lens adapter vs Focal Reducer - worth the extra $?

I just took advantage of the Blackmagic Pocket Camera's price break. It's back ordered so I'm going to have to wait a few weeks for the camera, but I am trying to prepare for a shoot on August 31 in which I'd like to use it (assuming it's in by then, of course).

I already have a couple Canon lenses for my 5Dii. I have decided to adapt my lenses to the Micro Four Thirds mount, rather than start dropping serious cash on new lenses. I do have a couple questions though--

1. I'm trying to decide between a basic adapter (like this one) or a focal reducer (link). Do either reduce the quality of the image?

2. My guy at the local camera shop spoke highly of the Metabones speed booster, which is not (yet) available for the Canon EF mount. Assuming it becomes available, is it worth the added cost? It appears to be 4 times as expensive as any other focal reducers out there.

3. As somebody who uses only manual focus and manual camera settings, is there any reason to NOT consider adapting my lenses?

Sorry to sound naive - any feedback would be welcome!
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The metabones speedbooster is the only one with quality optics, so yes, it's worth the added cost. That'll be a one-time painful purchase.

As for non focal reducing, the only issue you'll run into is they don't pass the control signal from the camera to the lens, so you won't be able to adjust the iris, or enable optical image stabilization on lenses that have it. Neither of those is an issue with something like the rokinon/samyang "cine" lenses though.

The metabones speedbooster will give you an extra stop of light, and make the pocket camera's super16 sensor behave as if it were a super35 sensor. They are available, they're just back ordered...
Awesome, thanks for the info.

I was thinking of picking up a non-focal reducing adapter now and using that until I can get my hands on the metabones one. I won't count on that before my 8/31 shoot, but I'll be happy if I know the video quality will be decent (just very cropped).
The cheaper focal reducer/speed boosters have pretty mixed results as to quality. All of the cheap ones have varying degrees of softness, some of the better cheapies are only really soft on the edges of the image, which in most cases is probably acceptable.