/// Shot by a GH1 or GH2

Well done. My 2 cents- I think the demo reel would fare well with a slower smoother atmospheric track. This song has the kinetic energy that (I think) is not going with your (very well done) smooth slow shots and bokeh and other pretty things.

Please tell us the hack you used? Driftwood or Flomo?
Thank you, dude. Yeah I was thinking about change the music, but I kept with the same one of the last composition. This is an update, in fact.

I'm using Sedna AQ1 and Flowmotion 2.02. When I need more reliability, like a long interview, I go for Flowmotion, it gives me a security that Sedna sometimes not, since I'm a director too, so I take care of the two things and it can't fail while I'm not monitoring the lcd.
So Flowmotion is more reliable but Sedna Aq1 is best visually?
I mainly make narrative and was wondering which hack will give me best looking frames but also not be too insane on space.
I dont have a monitor so playback in camera is also a vital point for me..
Yes, if you don't have a 64GB/95mbps card, Sedna most times will not span - which means it will stop recording when the file reach the maximum lenght. Flowmotion 2.02 will span in any card, at least in my tests.

Also, Sedna AQ1 eats 1GB per minute of video. In my opinion yes, it's the best image quality patch. It's so beautiful in low light. The noise is not strange as usually in DSLR's, but like an amazing filmic grain even at 800 ISO (and it's high enough if you have a fast lens like 1.4).

But Flowmotion is beautiful too. Just a little different kind of beauty. You will have to experiment, because beauty can be different by different eyes.
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I like to edit the original files directly, only reducing the preview quality when needed. The i7 processor takes it well. But windows starts to deteriorate itself with time, so I just format and the editing back to be a nice world. :)