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watch Short Horror Film - Absorbed

Everything about your short is good. The sound is of high quality ( It's apparent you've put a lot of work into the foley process), the lighting and editing looks great too. well done:clap: . I can't talk about the story since it's only a 3 min short and it's portraying an occurrence rather than a story.

The only thing that caught my EARS, was the creepy ghost sound or whatever coming out of the gramaphone. The problem is that the source of the creepy sound is obviously not from the gramaphone. and you've tried to show it in a way that whenever the gramaphone is turned on the sound comes back underneath the music.( That's what u were going for right?) . The guy is trying his best to hear the creepy sound from the gramaphone as if it's really vague and quite. But the creepy sound is louder than the music which contradicts the scene. I'm not a sound guy but I think the solution is instead of recording two different sounds and playing them together simultaneously, you should mix both sounds in one music file if that's possible. If you can open the song in a music composing app and put the creepy sound alongside it, your problem will be solved. Or simply turn down the volume of the creepy sound. However you do it, make sure to make the creepy sound more distant, more vague and quieter. If you could add some rustling noises for the gramaphone it would be super.
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