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watch Short Film OOGO

Hi we would like to show you our new short film "Only One Gets Out"
Here's a short description of the Plot:

You wake up in a shelter, 6 feet underground.
Weapons all over the place. And you have to fight
for your life. Because... ONLY ONE GETS OUT

At the beginning of this year, we found a lost shelter from the cold war in our neighborhood. We
decided immediately to make a movie in it. After a short pre-production we grab our gear and
decent into the cold deep.
To get the entire equipment into the shelter was very exhausting! Also we had to watch out that
nobody sees us by entering (the shelter is located in a crowder industrial area where people still work).
We had to bring Dolly, Tripods, Lightings, Props and a Generator thru a small entrance shaft into the
shelter. Once in there it was almost relaxed. We where isolated from the external world and had all
time we need. Unfortunately the noise and the fumes from the generator made the shooting very hard
and dangerous for our health. Also the fighting scenes were a painfully process.

So enjoy the Short Film and let us know your thoughts!

Short Film:

Behind The Scenes:
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Well done on completing your short. :)

The generator in a poorly ventilated space could have been deadly for you all. Take care.

The direct link:

Great film! Location was really cool, but good thing no one got hurt. I liked the fight scenes but though t that they could have been more quickly cut and made more intense for such a hectic situation. Really liked it though!
Thanks to you guys.
Yeah the good thing in this location was, that all steel doors have rubber bands around the frame, so that the door shuts almost airtight. So the whole exhaust gas where only in the one room where the generator stands. In the BTS video you can see that closely.
But thanks for your care.