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service Scriptapalooza launches MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM

Scriptapalooza introduces Membership Program


Since 1998, Scriptapalooza has worked to make a difference in screenwriters’ lives. And now we are expanding to offer you the best experience every day. Our mission is to provide writers different products and services to help them achieve their goals.

This 12-month membership includes everything. Pay once and you’re done. No additional entry fees. It’s easy, convenient and gets you back to what’s really important…your writing.

You can enter the screenplay competition, shorts competition, tv competition and the Fellowship. You don’t have to worry about deadline dates because you can enter anytime until the final deadline.

• Need to resubmit? Included free.

• Need feedback on your script? Get 10% off.

• Need Logline help? Included free.

• Need coverage on your script? Get $75 off.

• Need screenwriting software? How about half the price, sound good? Want to attend a McKee Seminar? 10% off.

1 year membership for only $249

We are changing the industry again. Join the club.