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press-release Scriptapalooza Fellowship announces 6 new mentors

Scriptapalooza Fellowship announces 6 new mentors

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help accommodate their creative process and skills. Creativity has many interruptions; most of them legitimate reasons, such as dealing with life and isolating yourself from all of your demands is not an easy task.

This year our Recipient will be flown to a Robert McKee STORY Seminar in New York or Los Angeles. (airfare and hotel included) and have a 6-month mentorship with one of our Mentors. Including access to over 90 producers through Scriptapalooza’s network.

For more information, visit http://www.scriptapalooza.com/fellowship/

Helping as many writers as possible has always been the foundation and heart of Scriptapalooza, and this mission will be furthered with the Fellowship.


Hallie Shepherd : Fireshoe Productions

Goffredo Fiori : DNA Cinematografica

Travis Bell : The Seven Bridges Group

Alexia Melocchi : Little Studio Films

Shannon Pierce : Pierce Entertainment

Chad Ridgely : Full Auto Films