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story Screenwriting for beginners

Hello all, if anyone has suggestions, tips, knowledge, links etc. to post regarding useful info about screenwriting that would be appreciated.

As I'm fairly new to the industry any pointers about getting scripts noticed, networking and things of the like would be great.

Thanks everyone
I'm a professional screenwriter... I've read all the books and even most of the articles out there. I truly try to keep up with what's out there because I never want to stop learning. These days? You can pretty much formulate a specific search on Google to find out whatever specific information you want to know... OR? Just ask here... We have plenty of writers here who have differeng opinions -- which is a GOOD THING. Take what FEELS GOOD and RIGHT to YOU and take action.

I will recommend ONE book if you truly want to hit the ground running... I wish it had been around when I began over three decades ago:

Screenwriting for Neurotics: A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Feature-Length Screenplay from Start to Finish

You'll hear from a lot of different sources that screenwriting is FREE. LOL. That you can just read other screenplays and learn everything you need to learn.


This book will round off a hell of a lot of the corners for you and allow you to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING. Read this book before writing your first spec and having any of us here on IndieTalk read it. Most of the problems we see here with screenplays are heavily discussed in this book.

Good luck!
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