Screenwriter collaboration for political mystery/drama - Paid

I seek a screenwriter collaborator/partner for a political drama/mystery TV series.

I am a lawyer who writes very well. I have spent the last few years advocating for change (both non-adversarial but also in court) against the federal government in DC (agencies and congress). Pro-bono basis on a specific high profile issue. Some significant successes. Lots of press coverage. I have seen how DC functions (at times criminally - directed at me) and am disgusted by it. This brought me to decide to create a series - wholly fictionalized - along the lines of All the President's Men (Nixon), House of Cards, Pelican Brief, Law and Order.

I have a budget, but I do not seek just to hire a writer. Rather I seek a collaborator, a VERY GOOD writer who would have skin in the game. I have a pilot and an outline that can span for at least 1+ years. The pilot has been reviewed by a few companies. The core characters and plot are good. I seek a partner who, together with me, will turn it into a gem and ...

If you are interested, email me at and send a writing sample