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Amber Alert issued for Houston baby; mother found dead in refrigerator

Horror Drama
A family's mental health problems spiral out of control before police find more than a missing woman's dismembered body in a refrigerator.

ACT I: An argument leads to escalating retaliations in a family's power struggle for control, a pet dies.
ACT II, Part I: A dead pet leads to a dead wife, dismembered, stuffed in a garage freezer, and fed to her family.
ACT II, Part II: Bills go unpaid, utilities are cut off, the stench of ignored remains becomes unbearable, concerned neighbors complain, nosy family members disappear.
ACT III: Police discover an urban horror house before becoming part of it.
The Man Who Spent $100,000 on Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber

:no: He didn't?

:yes: He did.



ACT I: Phil becomes blindsided starstruck with hot celeb paparazzi darling Justin Mianus, wants to become him.
ACT II, Part I: Begins with the easy accoutrama and sh!t, unhappy with results. Family gravely concerned.
ACT II, Part II: Surgery, expensive surgery, of dubious results, seems to be the only thing that satisfies Phil - and ostracizes him from family and friends. Justin rebuffs his adoration sending Phil into a tailspin.
ACT III: Phil "Mianus" acquires new family and friends in therapy and social outings where he is accepted and loved for who he is.

Alternate dark ending.
ACT III: Phil "Mianus" stalks Justin, paparazzi mistake Phil for Justin - as well as Justin's deadly stalker who shoots and kills Phil, who dies with validation that he has achieved his goal to become like Justin and die for his hero.

Epilogue: Justin publicly appreciates the extreme fandom but in private really doesn't give a sh!t.

Whup... Hold up.
No happy ending, after all.