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Sci-fi Romance short film

Hi everyone!

Haven't been here long, but I just wanted to post a short plug for my next film project. My classmates and I at Savannah College of Art and Design are shooting a thesis film this fall. It's a sci-fi romance about a man who abuses technology to relive his past. In the end will he chose fantasy, or reality?

This film's very ambitious and involves numerous locations and extensive VFX work. It's a dystopian style sci-fi world that we're creating. This will contrast with an idealized, almost synthetic past.

We're shoot on the RED ONE camera, and using some pretty heavy duty equipment. It's going to be a challenging shoot, but we believe we can pull it off. But....we need YOUR help (yes, you) to make it a reality!

Please take a look at our kickstarter video. If you like what you see, please donate and like us on Facebook! We need as much help as we can get, so please spread the word!


Thanks guys and good luck to you in all your film endeavors!

PS: If you're curious you can check out my reel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykj4_XBcga4

This looks like a very well thought out project and I wish you, your classmates, and team the best of luck.

Your campaign has been added to the ongoing list, hopefully it will provide potential donors another opportunity to review your project.

I hope that at the campaign's conclusion you can take a few minutes to provide some legitimate feedback on your crowfunding experience.

Have fun!