Run and gun/low key cameras

I’ve not been shooting for a while, normally in production depts or in the edit suite over the last few years. So I’m well out of date when it comes to knowledge of current options. My entire kit was stolen a few years ago but I never replaced it as I don’t do so much shooting myself anymore.

Short story is I’m moving into doing more diy documentary for my personal work.

A lot of the time I’ll be a one man band. So portability relatively simple rigging and not needing to change batteries and storage every 20m are good in this case.

I’ll also be shooting in a style and tone where I don’t want to draw attention to myself + the places I’ll be shooting it could be a little unsafe to draw too much attention to expensive looking kit (so in this case mirrorless or dslr bodies aren’t a bad thing in helping me look not too much like a professional!)

I haven’t considered camcorders before, but in someways they might make sense here. That said, if I’m investing in a camera again, I’d rather keep the glass and just upgrade the body as things become out of date in a couple of years - obviously upgrading a camcorder is expensive if you want good glass, but I can invest once in the lenses. So also worth considering what mount system to invest in for

Budget isn’t going to be huge. This is not going to be work that makes money, it’s for no budget passion projects. £1200ish for body.

I do have a connection in canon, and potentially in Panasonic, where I can get some discount - I haven’t Enquiries specifically to what kind of savings I will get. But a consideration as well to stretch the budget.

Any suggestions?