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camera RS2 or RSC2?

Hi guys, we're gonna be getting some new gimbals for our production team. We previously used the Ronin S but it's time for an upgrade. The Ronin S has a rated payload of 3.6 kg while the RS2 can carry 4.5 kg and the RSC2 can carry 3 kg. We work mostly with Canons and one huge ass Panasonic HC-X1 as well as a variety of lenses. We'll be buying three of these stuff but would like to control costs, so obviously three RS2s would be too much. So what can you recommend, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-3? Pros and cons of each based on your actual experience would be nice. Thanks!

P.S. I have a minimal kowledge of cameras and would simply be part of the purchasing process/decision making. Thanks again!