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RISE - music video

Hey everybody! :)

with some experience in amateur film production (The Whistle - Horror Series) I created my first music video "Rise" together with a band from Germany.
The video production took 6 days of recording to collect 424 video files (329GB) and the cutting, editing and VFX took 230 hours. As the main camera/DSLR I used the Nikon D3300. The color grading and the VFX were all done in Adobe After Effects.
I would like to present you the result and I would be very interested in your opinion :)
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Hey mate, that was awesome!! I'm surprised the amount of comments you have with very few views, I wish I had an audience that loyal!

The VFX and production work was amazing - I'm guessing you guys had budget for making this? Loved the B&A video!

Keep it up!!


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WOW. I think I'm speechless. This song and video should be huge! Best I have seen here on IT.