legal Rights and Licensing Queries

Hi everyone,

I work for an English licencing agency and we’re looking to expand our business into rights for film. I’m doing a bit of general research - it would be amazing if some of you could answer my questions.

Are there any e-vendors for film beyond stock footage e.g. for educational content? I’m interested in this and whether there are any commonly-used digital asset management systems for film (for metadata etc).

I’m also wondering, if a work is commissioned and there’s footage the client decides not to use, is it owned by the filmmaker/ would they then be able to license it elsewhere? Is it common practice to take some extra footage e.g. on location and be able to use it somewhere else?

Thanks so much in advance!
There are dozens of stock footage companies that license their footage for films, television, and educational purposes. The film clips are supplied by individual filmmakers who receive payment when someone uses their clip. There is usually a one-time payment for the use of the clip.. The rate varies depending upon what the clip is used for. A clip that is used in a theatrical film will cost more than a clip used for a corporate video, such as a convention presentation. The same film clip remains the property of the person who shot it, and that same film clip might be licensed numerous times by different production companies. Each time a new producer uses the clip, the filmmaker receives new revenue. Revenues are split with whatever stock film company has it in their catalog. Often the same film clip is offered by numerous companies on a non-exclusive basis. Examples of stock film companies would be pond5, videvo, and shutterstock. There are many, many more.
Thank you! I've found loads of stock sites and it's good to know how they generally work. Is there any particular software/are there any database services that people typically use to handle the metadata of spare footage/clips that they have to be licensed out?