top-list Referal Time... Top 10 Films You Have Seen That Other may Not (and really liked)...

Okay idea here is to suggest 10 films that you have seen that others may not have done. Littel gems, unseen classics and the like. A way to open up horizons...

So I'll kick off...

1. Cashurn
Excellant Asian sci-film unlike anything i have seen. Amazing!

2. The Great Challange
Superlative French action film about free running!

3. Sha Po Lang
Amazing Hong Kong action film starring Donnie Yen and Sammo. BEST FILM of teh last 10 yeasr period.

4. The Returner
Another great Asian action/sci-fi movie

5. Shadow : Dead Riot
The worlds only Women In prison, martial arts zombie movie. With Tony Todd! Amazing!

6. Love Object
Thriller where a man falls in love with a sex toy. No serioulsy!

7. The Hebrew Hammer
You've heard to balck expolitation movies. Well this is the worlds first Jewsploitation movie. Very funny.

8. Uncovered : The War In Iraq
Makes Michael Moore's Iraq movie look bloated and dull. Brillaint documentry!

9. Infernal Affairs
Amazing Asian cop thriller being remade by Scorcese this year!

10. Zombie Flesh Easter
Okay so not so unseen but teh uncut version of this superior Fulci movie hads to be seen. You'll never look at a wood splinter the same way again!

So anyone else wanna add to this...
I don't think I've got time to do ten referals but here's a couple:

Dark Days - Documentary about homeless people in New York made by Marc Singer, worth buying just for the "making of" material.

Hell in the Pacific Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune in a film by the magnificent John Boorman. What marvellous is that it breaks almost every rule of feature writing. This is feature with practically no dialogue.

City of The Lost Children A Jeunet and Caro film, less well know than either Delicatessen or Amelie, but superbly weird.

Jesus of Montreal a Candian film, with great perfomances which renacts the story of the passion in modern Montreal, using a group of actors. I love this because it's one of the few times that acting genius Robert LaPage is seen in a mainstream production

Big Shot's Funeral Superb Chinese film with Donald Sutherland mocking Bertolucci.

My Life as a Dog Swedish film by the same director who made Cider house Rules and Chocolat, nuff said.

Stalker Tarkovsky is without the greatest director of all time, this is his best film, two and a half hour sci-fi film where nothing happens (I know it sounds dreadful and most people fall asleep before they are an hour in, but it is stunningly beautiful and deeply clever).
I have a list of only TWO rare films that I recommend: Everything else is fairly commercial.

Man Bites Dog - Okay, this one got an NC-17 rating for it's pseudo-realism styled filmmaking, It's a bit corny, but oddly mezmerizing.

The Poor and Hungry - Craig Brewer's DV movie from 2000 is one of my personal favorites. I haven't met anyone who's seen this yet, but when I saw it on IFC, I was amazed. If you can find this, it'll be the best 2 hours of truly independent cinema you'll see in a long time.
Man Bites Dog -
I love that film, the only great film to come out of Belgium. It opens so well with the killer telling the documentary crew how to dispose of a dwarf's body and I love his festish with murdering postmen.
Man Bites Dog - christ on a bike I havent seen that in years. 'City of The Lost Children' is another good call.

Another one for you - A French movie 'Le Heine'. Came out mid-late 90's!
I think every filmmaker should check out "Overnight" - it's in video stores now (at least, my local Hollywood Video has it)... It's a documentary of the guy who made "Boondock Saints" - his sudden rise based on his script being bought by Harvey Weinstein and Miramax, his attempts to get the film going, his fall, his rebound, his etc. It's a great eye-opener of how not to behave when success comes your way.

I saw it at the Victoria Film Festival last February - been waiting to see it again. May go rent it tonight. Now that I'm done with post on the new short, I have time to watch movies again, rather than make them.