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Recording audio with no budget

Can anyone give me any tips on how to record audio ? I have no equipment or budget.

All i have is a DSC H300 camera. Although i have no budget, i can perhaps get a budget of 50$ TOPS!!!

The several possibilities in my mind are:

Get a cheap lavalier Audio-Technica ATR3350 mic.

Record sound with a smarthphone.

Record sound with some cheap voice recorder

Don't record on location sound at all and instead record EVERYTHING in post production. (If i choose this option i may or may not have the help of a friend of mine whose a sound engineer/producer/musician and has his own studio.)

What do you think i should do ? Any other possibilities/tips ?
I recommend a cheap shotgun mic ($28)like this one:


Then find an audio recorder ($60-ish), used on ebay, like this:


I know that's over your budget or you can try some like this:


Make sure whatever you get for an audio recorder has a external mic jack.

Audio is very important. An audience will sit through underexposed or soft focus shots, but if they can't hear the dialogue, they will tune out in under a minute.