Ready to Get Started

I’m a recent college graduate with a degree in Business Management who wants to collaborate with other filmmakers. While I have film projects of my own that I would like help with, I realize it may be important for me to help others with their projects first. I’m hoping that there are other aspiring filmmakers in North Georgia who could use a helping hand from someone who is passionate, determined, and hard-working but does not have any real experience in filmmaking. I have reliable transportation and I’m an Eagle Scout.
Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone here lived in or near Atlanta, Georgia and wanted to collaborate on projects. I'm willing to help out in any way I can. Hopefully I can make a script for my series in the next few months and get some feedback from other people, but in the meantime I'd be excited just helping out other people who are struggling to find a warm body to hold a camera and/or to act somewhat convincingly (I'll give it my best and I can take direction).

As a side note: I'm a car guy and I love movies/television series that feature muscle cars prominently. There wouldn't happen to be any stunt-drivers and/or automotive enthusiasts on this forum who might want to connect and work together on car-related film projects.