diy Rat Filming !

Hi, so basically I wanna make a short video with a lot of creepy footage of rats which would be filmed by my self. I have started filming some rats but it takes time to randomly see theme when I'm walking at night and as I'm filming they run away and hide at dark places.
Is there anybody who knows about rats or is used to filming wild animals who could give some advice to lure them or film them so I could have good and smooth footage of rats playing in the streets
Sounds like you need a long lens so you can keep your distance. Or, you need to plant a camera somewhere you know there will be "traffic."

I once recorded the audio seagulls by planting mics in a parking lot (I put a mesh screen Ti-Pi over them) and running long cables to my recorder in my car. Then I hit record and started tossing lots of stale bread, etc, near the mics. I chased them a few times to get the big wings flapping effect.

You are working more as a documentary rather than narrative film maker. People who make docs have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of footage to review, catalog, grade, etc. That's basically what you're doing, documenting a day in the life of the local rats. You need to somehow do it unobtrusively from the rats POV. How does it go? Drama is life with the boring bits edited out. That's what you are doing; collecting ADITL footage of you rodents pals, (without, hopefully, inserting yourself into the situation too much) cutting out the boring bits and creating a story.