Question for those with Super-Takumars


I am having trouble with my Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 (not the super-multi-coated version, just the "Super-Takumar" version)

The lens is of course yellow.. However,

When I am taking portraits and photos, I have wonderful color reproduction when the lens is at f/1.4 and one stop down from that, and the rest of the stops really make the photo look yellow. Not only yellow, it just looks ugly overall. The lens is extremely beautiful wide open, but the stops around 5.6 and 8 really look tacky to me,

Is this color distortion because of the yellowed lens and is the f/1.4 quality because it's not seeing much of what the lens has on it's surface? (kind of like when someone proved the fear of scratches on lenses is bullsh** and they strapped a pencil to the front of the lens and took a photo with it wide open and it looked fine?)

If I were to do the "de-yellow" treatment on it, would it have the same color goodness when it is wide open, throughout the whole range of stops?

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