question about exporting from adobe premiere 6.5

Trying to export a quick time movie from adobe premiere 6.5...

No problem doing the export and it plays fine on the web. However, I have seen similar quicktime movie trailers (1 minute in length) that are about 4 meg+ where mine is more around 20 meg+.

First question - what is a typical file size for a one minute quick time movie that is out on the web?

Second question - I have tried numerous settings to reduce the file size, but when I get it in the 4 meg range the picture is so poor it is relatively unrecognizable.

Any suggestions?
In case anyone is interested, I did discover the answer to my question with the help of some very helpful individuals on the Atlanta Films board - another board that maintains the same high standard that indietalk maintains.

The "Windows Media Encoder" is a free Microsoft product that can be downloaded from their site and assists in compressing video files to a very small size without critical compromise of the resulting quality. I downloaded it, configured it, and compressed a file from well over 100 meg down to 2.5 meg and the resulting quality was almost acceptable. I'll be bumping it up a bit this weekend to get the best balance I can on file size and video quality, and should have a trailer or two on the website soon thereafter.

Thanks to Michael Friedman for the efforts you provided as well!