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watch Quarantine - #wedonotstop - The Ritual

Hi guys,
anothor video of "The Quarantine Series" #wedonotstop

* produced and directed in self-isolation and remote locations by mebitek & Jele Raus

The #Quarantine project doesn’t stop. #wedontstop #wedontgiveup

We keep on following and supporting our reflection on the complex situation in which we are all in, which should lead us not only to be closer as humans, but also to be more respectful as creatures on this planet. Our future cannot be defined by temporary expressions of empathy, but by an idea of a new humanity on a long-term basis.

#covid19 #quarantine #quarantinechallenge #quarantena #quarantineartchallenge #quarantineart

as always all music has been made with maschine and komplete instrumentents
video made with Adobe Premiere PRO

feedbacks and comments welcome
best regards