Projects in Development

Have an idea(s) or any projects in development for a feature, short film, web series or TV Series? I do, as a matter of fact I have plenty. I'd like a writing partner or co-writer to develop them with me, anybody interested? I can write solo but I'm more creative and inventive when I have someone to bounce ideas off of, know what I mean? Do you like Science Fiction? Space Fantasy or Space Opera? Horror? Thriller? Suspense? RomCom? War genres? Before I share with anyone my ideas, synopses, outlines, etc. I'm going to register them on the WGAE Online Script Registration Service. Then I will show anyone my ideas I plan on having made — with your help I hope? With the proviso that if we meet in person and you are enthusiastic, I will share with you. And you will be in it from script to screen with credits. So anybody interested?