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press-release Project Trailer - Giveaway and Launch for CodeBurst

Part short story, part comic book, and part concept album, CodeBurst is a dystopian science fiction fable about Aubrey--a programming genius in search of her lost creation--and Jamie--a man struggling to regain control of his life from the artificial intelligence that has taken him over.

We’re getting close to releasing it, but we need some help getting past the algorithms…

If you’d be up for helping us spread the word, I’d love if you’d pre-save on Spotify: https://show.co/av5o5FB

You can also sign up for our giveaway to win a t-shirt and book: https://gleam.io/competitions/OvdNH-codeburst-giveaway

Obviously, I’d be super grateful for anything you’d be willing to do, pre-saving, sharing with other friends on your socials… whatevs.

We’re just excited and hope that you’ll be willing to help.

Thank you!!!


PS. If you'd like to hear the singles we've already released, and a sample of the art, they're available on all streaming services, and also linked from the project website: codeburst.tech