Professional music composer available for your project!

Hello everybody,

My name is Víctor Herrera Calvo. I am a music composer for media. I have worked mostly on the video games industry and trailer music, but I have also experience scoring to picture. I know how important music is for any media production, and it can definitely help a production become even more impressive if it uses the right music.

I would like to share some of my work with you all, and of course, if you have a project ( short film, feature, game, or any other production in need of top quality music) feel free to reach out! I am pretty easy to work with and my rates are always adaptive to any possible situation. Let's bring your project to the next level together!

I mostly work on orchestral music, but I've always composed music in many different styles from pop, heavy metal, to 16 bits or jazz music.

You can find more music, information about me, my team and some faqs on my website:

And here you have some examples of my work. Hope you enjoy it!

Don not be afraid to reach out!

Have a wonderful day!