suggestion Pro membership or just Sponsor

I don't know. I can't see having the word "pro" associated with my membership since I'm not a pro. At best, there have been times when I was a semi-pro, but mostly I'm a skilled enthusiast. Every time I whip out the wallet to upgrade my membership I decide against it because it would feel like I'm buying a title that I don't deserve. My suggestion is to change the designation from Pro to Sponsor. Maybe people would be more inclined to upgrade their membership if it didn't include the PRO designation. Most of the people here seem to be micro-budget level. Some are semi-pro, and a few are actual professionals. Maybe give people the designation Sponsor if they are paid members then give them additional recognition; pro, semi-pro, enthusiast.... to fit the sponsoring members level.

just a suggestion :)
It's just the name of the membership like IMDb Pro etc. But I can see where you are coming from. Like, making a post and feeling like you will be held up to a standard. Thanks for the suggestion, will mull it over.