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pre-pro Pre-Production Cinematic VFX Tests, location scouting and costume design

Hello there fellow filmmakers! Here is my Pre-Production so far on my live action Feature film, sequel to my animated feature and live action short of 2020. Your criticism and feedback as always is implored/welcome.

Pre-Production of THE KINGS WORLD:War of the Void. Day 17.

Brief premise: The fantasy world of The Kings is under control of the SPIRIT OF DARKNESS. Which is everyone’s fears, doubts and nightmares made real in physical enemy form. This spirit uses a seemingly helpless puppet named Soulor as its vessel of conquest and evil. This puppets brother, Afiseron will do anything to free his demented twin and if he can-destroy the evil spirit plaguing the world of the Kings. This story is a sequel to the animated and live action films made by me (Asher Pike) which preceded in 2020. Basically this is third installment. Not counting the two live action feature films of 2018-2019 which follow similar stories but are no longer canon. Now that context is done! Moving on lol.

First off here is some costume design! The first cinematic test of Soulor the (more or less) Main character. The story behind his armor is that he made it for his father when he was a very young boy. So it Is raggedly forged and the edges are not refined. Soulor chooses to wear this armor now to remember his father and hide his scars Inflicted by the spirit controlling him. Also I tried to give it many scars and scratches so that it also looks like it is war torn as well. Does this work? What do you think? I made the helmet and chest pieces from black plastic pots and stuck them together. The blue screen I used is only temporary made from sheets lol, I will buy and set up a proper blue and green screen before production starts.

Here is a VFX Cinematic test scene of a ThunderGhost Spinosaurus Dinosaur. There will be a lot of dinosaurs, wolves, dragons, krakens, sea serpents in the film. Each one is made from (for example) a specific doubt or fear you may have. Which manifests into one of these beasts depending on its potency. There will be a massive climactic battle with armies of these beasts. Problem is I don’t have the budget to make these creatures too realistic like in Jurassic park, but ive tried to test out a method that makes that fact okay to the audience and still fits with story. Which is to make the monsters ghost/nightmarish like. Which makes sense since they are a product of the mind. So here is a cinematic test of one. I would really love to know what you think of it, is it good enough for live action? Any tips and suggestions? I used real cloud textures which I took photos of to make and animate it. (Disclaimer). The background nature footage is not filmed by me, the nature backgrounds are purely for personal testing of the asset and not public distribution. It is unlisted and will be made completely private once good feedback is gained.

First location scout!
This is a location scout done on the 2nd of January. Samford, Cedar Creek Australia. For this location I am hoping to film a fight scene between two characters who are past-friends. They are having a very drastic quarrel and fight here, both blaming each other for a very unfortunate occurrence.
Heres what I‘d like to know. Which would be more affective, a fight in the rain, or a fight in a normal day, or a fight at sunset golden hour. I know that going to shoot on a rainy day may seem dangerous but trust me Samford doesn’t really flood, even when and after it rains it’s as if the water barely rises. We scouted it just after it rained so yeah. Which setting would you think suits best for an emotionally driven fight scene? Right now I’m thinking either rain or golden hour.

Thank you VERY MUCH if you give any advise or suggestions I really appreciate it. This is my biggest project yet. Thanks so much. Hope your all having a great new year.