Power Director Video Overlay Problem


I created an overlay (which acts sort of as a frame for my video which is cropped because it was recorded from an Ipad game) to use in a video I am creating in Power Director 11. I created the overlay in photoshop. When I am editing the video, the overlay appears and works perfectly with some of my clips but does not appear with other clips. The issue is not in the timeline placement, as I have everything ordered correctly.

Additional Info:
Some of the files end up with different resolutions and fps when I am recording them. At first it seemed that the overlay would appear for the 60 fps video files I had and not the 30 fps files, but that was debunked when I found a 30 fps file that works and properly displays the overlay when playing.
The overlay works with files of different resolutions and fps settings, but sometimes it just does not appear.

Why is the video overlay appearing for some of my video files but not others, when all the files are recorded from the same software and same device?