Post production audio problem

hey guys, i have a problem. just curious if any one might have a solution. I have a documentary that I'm wrapping up and there was a scene where we shot in an aquarium. I guess one of the pumps or something there has left my audio with a pretty loud hum. The voice is clear, but there is this annoying hum that's hanging out right under it. I have pro tools LE and some plugins. i've tried noise reduction but it tends to pull something out of his voice and makes him sound like he's in a can. it's possible they're on the same frequency and then i'm out of luck. ADR is out of the question. any suggestions would be great.

I've had good luck using the noise reduction tools included with Adobe Audition... if you send me a short clip I can see if it'll do a decent job for you or not.

Generally I find the best solution is to sample the noise pattern from a segment without anything else there, so if there is a short section before or after a bit of talking that is nothing but the ambient room noise, that's the best to work with for sampling the noise print from.

The other thing that might work, if you have a segment with just the noise and no talking/dialog/etc.. is if you can get it perfectly matched with the clips you want to use, and phase invert the audio of the noise, that should effectively remove it from the portion with the interview, but it has to match PERFECTLY, or you'll just end up making it worse. When it works, it's like magic, when it doesn't it's ugly.
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