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Please suggest a better workflow.

Hey guys,
I'm a GH2 user with Adobe CS6 as my weapon for post.
Basically this is the workflow I followed on my latest work
1)Copied all the clips to harddrive.
2)Edited Natively. Very smooth on CS6.

Then, my plan was to take it to AE. Make each clip it's own composition and do invidual effects and everything in there. But to my disappointed all the premiere transistions I applied (and it's a music video so transistion were matched to beat) were gone in AE. Only fade in came I think.
So I decided to do finish in Premiere.

3) I first stablized all the footage.
4) Then I removed noise from some clips.
5) Graded in Magic Bullet looks.
6) Sharpened stablized or noise removed footage.
7) Added an adjustment layer over everything with FilmConvert for the grains.

Now when I tried to render this 4mins clip at 1080p23.97 frames it took over A DAY to render!!

I noticed that warp stablizer really bogs down system and so does Neat Video.
Tried using GenArts but that just froze my pc so I quit using that as well.

I'm pretty sure there exists a better workflow where this can be in far less time and without bringing your PC to a crippling halt. I also don't have a ton of space right now to create proxy of everything.

My pc specs are AMD Quadcore 2.60GHz, Cuda accelarted GTX 460 and 8GB RAM running Win 7.

This is my suggestion : do all color correction in premiere, EXPORT the sequence as mov and then bring it to AE to do special effects.
If I try to do color correction plus some composition work in AE at the ame time - my i7 doesn't cooperate with me..
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One thing to check is that CS6 has identified your video card as one it will use to accelerate your rendering. From memory the GTX460 isn't on the default list, so you may need to add it manually so it can offset a heap of the rendering load to the GPU.

I wasn't able to look up your CPU (I'm AMD illiterate really) so I wasn't able to see how fast it was operating under load. Though I assume it'll be something like the Opteron 2382. Those things benchmark fairly well (similar to an i5).
Testing your work flow would have reviled this. Just sayin.. :)

AE is your special effects software. If you only have premiere then use it, but if you have Ppro AND AI, use AE!

I only use premiere for editing and syncing audio, everything else visual, CC, vfx, etc is in AE. Since you can import premier timelines into AE, all clips trimmed and lined up correctly, its very handy.

I use a script from ae scripts, or VCP called trim compose, VERY USEFUL! Also, the scripts from the DV Rebels guide to easily create adjustment layers that are the exact same length as each clip. (http://prolost.com/dvrg)