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Please HELP first time producer

Hi guys! I am producing my first script that I wrote called "The Cornfield Massacre." It has gotten some attention here in the Philly area. Kenneth John (cocktail, XMEN, Friday the 13th) is doing the directing. Mark Borkowski(Boardwalk Empire, The cost of a soul) is going to be the killer. Anyway, we are going to be shooting a trailer in November, but I need to raise some funds to do so. If you could be so kind, can you take a look at my INDIEGOGO page and help me make this dream become a reality! Thank you so much.


Any tips to help me promote my page? What is the norm? I blow facebook up, and just about every facebook group i can think of...anything ?

There's 2 things that can help you there.

A). Your landing page isn't that enticing. Why will people love it? Who will love it? Who are you? Why give money to you?

If you're worried about publicity, why didn't you do your indiegogo in the format that appeals the most: Video?

Also, you don't ask people to share, even if they cannot donate and make it easy to share.

B). Marketing is your ticket. Preferably viral marketing. To keep the costs down, via social networking. To do this, you need to give THEM, the people a reason to share.