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watch Parallel - 4 min Silent short film

Yep, but didn't go crazy on it, but it was a deadly error. I use Vegas Pro and while applying the letterbox I forgot to convert my Digicam's videos to NTSC Widescreen both preview, event and the final rendering, which gives a much more convincing look with a letterbox. When I realized this, all the raw videos were deleted and out of this world, so it was too late to think about a re-editing. So I just uploaded what I had got.

Or else, my digicam videos were looking so Homely and it kept begging me for a letterbox.
So most of you are watching my short film, and I'm quite happy about it :)
But nobody has posted a comment on my work yet, and I'm expecting it since I'm an amateur and badly in need of some expert guidance.

Now time for some facts about this short film: Actually it was intended to be a "Test" film in order to convince some of my actors and crew all of whom are my friends, to use my Canon powershot A3300 for shooting our upcoming short film titled Hobson's choice. We grabbed the cam, took some random shots upstairs, and while editing we put them all together into a meaningful story. My friend was quite delighted and uploaded the video on Youtube :)

So please post some comments on my work. And give me some suggestions to transform the Home Video aspect ratio to standard cinema, i.e, Letterbox. That's one aspect that's overdone in the video, like TheArtist mentioned :)

Indietalk to me is like a playground where we learn, share, play, help each other and further strengthen our hopes of making it to the so-called Magic land of filmmaking. :)

Thank you :)
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I found it quite interesting, but let down with a weak payoff.

At first I thought the person must have been blind, but in a familiar place, with all that feely-feet navigation going on. Then confused a bit by the obvious "look" under the cardboard mattress - can see.

Overall, I like it. Enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on, and the feet themselves seemed to be of more interest than the actual identity of the person. The feet live!

Music got a little carried away at about 2:30, when the drums kick in.

Ending's a bit weak-sauce. Sure, mission accomplished but there was no world change afterwards. The feet are still walking in pretty much the same fashion.

I dig it. :cool:

Edit: I also read your notes on the YT page, afterwards. None of that even crossed my mind, while watching it. So, yeah... I guess I totally don't "get" your film.

Thank you very much, Sir. Yes, I myself felt that I failed at conveying the theme in the film itself but since I was not able to arrange a mic, I couldn't dub voices. So I took the Description way :) Your review was very helpful, Sir. And thank you again for your time. :)