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Ozone The Movie Kickstarter Campagne

Me and my friends have been working on a fully green screen science fiction post apocalyptic short film for about 5 years now.
Right now, the film is in it's final stage and we are trying to raise the funds on kickstarter to finish it.


In the first week on kickstarter we managed to raise 2400 $ which is about 30% of the whole sum.
As you probably already now, kickstarter has an all or nothing policy, which means that if we don't get
to 8000 $ in the next 3 weeks no money exchanges hands.

Since the campaign started we managed to draw a lot of attention online.
Paul J. Franklin, the Oscar winner for visual effects in Inception, twitted about our project :)
A lot of people liked and shared the link on their Facebook accounts.

If you find the project interesting it would mean a lot to us if you can support the project and help spread the word.

There is also a Facebook group if you want to stay informed www.facebook.com/groups/331274906967689/events/





Only 4 days left to go!

Here is our breakdown of the "Ozone" scene! Hope you like it!!

And don't forget to share and tell your friends about it, we need just a little push to get over the finish line !

Help us finish wahat we started!
Support us on KICKSTARTER

These are photos from shooting the rain plates for the "Ozone" scene.

...more on kickstarter page!
We did it, we reached our goal :)

First of all, thank you so much for your generous support!

We've been working on this film for quite a while now and this was the first real opportunity to show it to the public. Reactions were phenomenal and we are very pleased that so many of you thought it was a project worth supporting.

This whole kickstarter thing was a great experience for us, and it is truly amazing to know that there is a community out there willing to support art projects regardless of their commercial potential.

Now it's up to us to finish the film. We're full of energy and enthusiasm and we'll continue to work on it without compromises :)


Branko, Mirko, Richie and Johnny