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I've created a very short film using my phone and as expected I get a lot of ambient noises that I do not intend to have. The horror continues every time I am editing it. Is there any way I could remove it or lessen without damaging the actors' voice?

This a very poor and low budgeted film (to be exact it has no budget at all) and the only equipment we have is our phone and our laptop.
What software do you have that pertains to audio editing & clean-up? It won't do any good to give you advice about things you don't have. Do you, at least, have Audacity or something similar?
Since you are using only a cellphone I'm going to assume that you do not have a passable mic, which you would have used during the shoot. I'm also going to assume that you can't afford a noise reduction plug-in like Izotope RX or something similar, all of which are pricey. So the suggestions of OneBaldMan (ADR) and BaztheHat (buying a plug-in) are off the table unless you are hiding other audio or financial resources.

I'm not familiar with the current list of Audition plug-ins, but there should be basic audio clean-up plugs that you can use for noise removal. It would probably be a good idea to familiarize yourself with everything that Audition has to offer to upgrade your personal audio skills.

I know that Baz would do a solid job doing noise reduction on your clip, but (another assumption) he would probably not do all of your audio, which is what is "driving you crazy" during your video editing process. About the only suggestion I can make would be to use a gate on the audio track(s) while editing to reduce the amount of noise between lines of DX unless you want to NR every single audio clip prior to editing.