camera-dept Opinions on gimbals, building one with SimpleBGC and a little help with studies

Hi guys,
New here. Been getting more into filming videos and stabilizer is something I've been looking at for quit some time. What are some of the gimbals users here use ? Why do you use them ? Maybe there are some other types of stabilizers you use (or don't use for some reason) ? Would love to here some inputs on this :)
I could add that I'm interested in action footage (auto sports for one), filming travel footage (where gimbal seems to work especially fine).

As well - I have been looking into building one myself (as I love DIY stuff and am engineer by education) using SimpleBGC system. Anyone familiar with that system ?

And to top this topic off - I'm doing a little research as part of my current studies (which involves data about mentioned stabilizers as well), I would appreciate if users here could answer some questions in this little anonymous survey about photography and videography equipment -

Hit me up if posting the link here is against the rules, I hope it's not :)

The Moza AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer should really help my Panasonic GH4. I was thinking perhaps to sell everything and buy a GH5 but I am not sure if it would be cost effective. I also have a Shogun external recorder for 4.2.2 10 bit recording. The GH5 has internal stabilization which the GH4 does not. The GH5 has 4.2.2. 10bit internal recording which the GH4 does not. It all depends if I can acquire enough for the Shogun to make up the difference for the GH5.



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I use a Moza Air because I got it for a good price. It works well, but I don't find that I use it often. When I'm out in my boat, hiking, etc., the gimbal is too much trouble to manage. If I take the camera off to shoot on a tripod or something, change lenses, or have to swap batteries, I have to rebalance. I find the only time the gimbal is really worth it is when I have a long walking shot, or I have to shoot while running. I don't think I'd be without it, but I do not use it as much as I thought I would.
It may be worth mentioning that I have a Panasonic G85 for when I need to travel light, and for use with the gimbal. That has excelling image stabilization, so if I'm just hand-holding the camera (not walking), I don't need the gimbal for smooth shots.

Nate North

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The DJI gimbal I use is great, they have a few at varying price ranges for different weight cameras. The one I use is for a 15 lb payload. I advise some caution when purchasing. Cinema grade gimbals are Heavy. Even with the support vest. You will need to build significant physical stamina to operate a stedicam type rig for extended periods. I thought I'd just plug and play into my workflow, but it turned out to be more like training for the olympics. If you are talking about a small cam gimbal, no problem.