Okay, let's make this personal. History Repeats.

@APE that's like myself stating I know everything about Bollywood.

But I'll be quiet from now on. I don't mean to insult anyone. I'm just here to help out, give advice and pay it forward. Sorry if I offended.

Here's to paying it forward, woohooooo! Also, Rage of the Fire is gonna have just a small taste of Bollywood, it's gonna be sweet! Closing credits. Stop me from talking about this publicly anymore, I've said too much.
@APE that's like myself stating I know everything about Bollywood.

1. I have never stated that I know everything about Hollywood. I know far less than everything about "Hollywood", let alone Hollywood! Again, "Hollywood" isn't just Hollywood, it's also New York, London, Canada and in some cases other places. To state otherwise is to state that a large number of films everyone accepts as "Hollywood" are in fact not "Hollywood". As an example, please answer this question; are Star Wars VII and VIII not "Hollywood" films? As far as the international commercial English speaking film industry (which "Hollywood" represents) is concerned, I've worked with countless industry pros, seen countless numbers who aspire to the film industry and picked up a fair amount in my more than 20 years in it, both indirectly and directly. Obviously nowhere near "everything" but enough to make what I have to say be at least potentially useful.

2. I'm almost completely ignorant about Bollywood films. For this reason, I'm under the maybe false impression that Bollywood films are only made in Mumbai but for all I know they might make Bollywood films where you work and you could have a fair bit of insider knowledge/experience of them.

... you truly feel that I'll be wasting my time by travelling down the path I'm already full-blown committed to.

No I don't.

I don't think you have any idea how much time and work I've already committed to this project.

Unless you've already finished your film, I don't see how this has anything to do with what I've said.

Have you ever heard of "killing with kindness"?

Why do you feel the need to kill at all, with kindness or any other way?

I still am not a fan of the negativity that you send my way.

I'm not sending you "negativity", I'm trying to send you "positivity" which realistically involves dealing with negatives but you didn't want to get to the potential "positivity" only argue that the negatives don't apply to you, that you don't care about them and anyway, that's the fun of it.

I'm sorry that I'll be letting you down by not listening to it.

You think it's me you're letting down, why would you think that?

Oh, APE, you so silly! You're arguing with someone who is making a point of not arguing with you. Are you doing this just to make me giggle? Cuz it's working!

10-4 APE. You're totally right. Sorry if I offended you.

You guys sound like an old Jewish couple. Like the elderly couple from princess and the bride played by billy crystal. :)