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Nuclear explosions, space footage and special effects

Hi post-prod people!

We have just launched a new special effects ressource: http://www.im-fx.com

Ultra HD Nuclear explosions, space footage, shockwaves, etc., we'll try to cover them all. Note that everything is download only.

We sell 4K special effects bundles of unmatched quality / price(!), and we also have a free tutorials section on our youtube channel. Also, if you take a look at our "upcoming bundles" page, you'll see that we plan to make this website a one-stop boutique for every vfx needs. I'll also try to add a section for action music and scores (horror, sci-fi, etc.) in a not-too-distant future.

Right now is the launch sale for the first 500 customers, but we send discount codes to our facebook fans and newsletter subscribers (check the bottom of the page) in case you miss it.

Cheers and see you there!

Eric Mc Guire