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ad Nostalgic VHS Video Effect Plugin in the Works

Hello everyone!

I run a small software company of the name Chosen Few Software, and recently I've been working on a VHS video filter that essentially allows you to make a given video look like it was actually recorded on VHS. Of course, there are already plugins out there that can do this, such as Red Giant Universe, but they are no where near as accurate as they ought to be. So after doing a ton of research on the underlying circuitry and theory of analog video recording, and hours of debugging and adjusting parameters, I managed to get it all working.

I edited together a video presentation/demonstration about it which can be watched here:

The product will soon be integrated with a VFX plugin that can be used with existing video processing software, and once that is done I'll likely open up a private testing group to gather feedback and nail down pricing.

Let me know what you guys think!